Top 5 Reasons why YOU should use RDM Benefits

1. At RDM Benefits we provide excellent quality and service that's second to none!

Since 1994 Robert D. McIver has focused on creating an insurance and benefits agency for both corporate and individual.

2. RDM Benefits strives to offer quality carriers with the best possible premiums.

We work with the top carriers in the insurance industry to bring you the best comprehensive coverage available to suit your needs and affordability.

3. Our team specialization allows us to provide prompt and efficient customer focused service!

Despite of the size of your group, we take pride in designing benefit packages to meet our client's needs.

4. We Value our customer needs!

Professional staff is readily available to provide solutions to benefit questions.

5. Offering small and large group benefits.

Whether or not you have a small or large company, our team of professionals can help your company find the best benefits for your company's needs.